Surface Phone 2017: Pros And Cons Of Using A Windows Phone

Surface Phone 2017: Pros And Cons Of Using A Windows Phone
Windows Phones aren’t inferior, they’re just not for everyone. Photo : Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Windows Phones haven't always been the most popular option for the masses. It's undeniable that it is the latest iOS and Android phones that always drive people wild. This is actually understandable, as Windows Phones are typically targeted to a different audience than what iOS and Android target. Basically, Windows Phones aren't inferior, they're just not for everyone.

With that said, it's safe to assume that the rumored Surface Phone will still be targeted to a specific audience. The questions that remain, however, will the Windows Phones be for you? Is Surface Phone something that you should wait for? Here are some pointers.

Pros And Cons Of Using Windows Phone

The best thing about Windows Phones is that they are pretty much the mobile phone version of your Windows computer. If you're constantly on Word or if you rely so much on your One Drive, you'll feel at home in a Windows Phone interface. Sure, there are also apps for these in other mobile platforms but using them in their native mobile platform makes it feel more secure and natural. Furthermore, if you're on Windows mobile, all your Microsoft accounts can work with each other smoothly.

One more thing that Windows Phones are known for is for their smooth performance. Even the lower end models of Lumia are quite a performer. They may not be ultra-fast but they're not a big pain to use. They can actually beat Androids of the same prices when it comes to speed.

Needless to say, when it comes to flagship Windows Phones, these phones are usually commended for their super competitive and uber-high end specs. Typically, flagship Windows Phones are almost PC-like. They got sufficient memory, all of the Windows-goodness and most importantly, Continuum. Microsoft Continuum basically makes your Windows phone smart enough to detect whether it should be in desktop mode or mobile mode. Usually, Windows mobile devices are in a mobile mode, but when a keyboard accessory is attached, it immediately shifts to being in PC-mode.

The Lumia 950 and 950 XL may not have been a big hit but they're quite impressive actually. These phones are even made to work with the display dock. Take note that with a Microsoft display dock, you can use these phones to get a PC-experience. All you need is a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, and you get a PC-like experience that's powered by the phone.

The only con of Windows Phones, in general, is not having the glitz and glamor that its competitions have. It isn't premium-looking, it doesn't have the extra fun features and above all, it doesn't have all the apps that people are fond of. It does have quite a number of apps on its marketplace but it doesn't include some of the popular ones.

How Good Will The Surface Phone Be

With all those things said about Windows Phones, it's safe to assume that the Surface Phone will still be in one way or another the same as the previous releases. It will have the Continuum feature, support the display dock technology and have top notch specs. Rumor says that the Surface Phone will have PC-level specs. With that said, yes the Surface Phone will be really good. However, it may still not be for everyone. If you're into iOS/Android goodness and enjoy your popular apps, then Windows mobile may not be a good buy for you. Nevertheless, if you are always working on something productive, may it be work or school, you're going to appreciate the anticipated Surface Phone.

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