New Year's Resolutions Can Be More Effective With These Tips

New Year's resolution is an annual tradition for most people. This is the time of the year when you make a list of goals that you want to achieve. Although people are excited when writing this list, almost every item on the list remains unaccomplished by year end. To aid people struggling with this dilemma, science offers some advice.

Wish Outcomes Obstacles Plan

When you are trying to come up with items for your list of New Year's resolution, do something new. Instead of just visualizing the outcome of those goals, pair them with possible obstacles. Taking the if-approach could improve the chances of a positive outcome.

For your new list, try to combine this visualization method with the Wish-Outcomes-Obstacles-Plan. The WOOP method requires you to specify the goal and visualize the end results. However, it does not stop there, you need to enumerate obstacles and make a plan. The WOOP is highly effective in people who are developing and maintaining healthy habits.

New Year's Resolution

Making a list of the things that you want to change in the upcoming year is effective according to science. Scientific American reported that most people feel more optimistic about achieving goals if the start date is in another period. Based on a study, people saw fewer constraints for resolutions written on July 31 that are applicable starting August 1. This mentality is the same reason why people are fond of writing resolutions during the New Year. As noted in research published in "Social Psychological and Personality Science," turning the calendar is enough motivation.

For sure, most people will include living healthier and losing weight on their list. Since this is the case, the WOOP can be an effective tool. Forbes suggests that people should not be too hard on themselves when it comes to sticking to resolutions. People should motivate themselves to meet their New Year's resolution the same way they encourage a child or someone dear.

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