Why BMW M2 Is Highly Recommended by Car Experts

The BMW M2 first debuted in the North American International Auto Show 2016 which was highly praised for its design, performance and price which starts around $53,000. Now, car experts did a on-road performance review of the BMW M2 which of course live up to its reputation of being one of the best cars in the market. Photo : MotoringFile/YouTube

Another cool-looking car was featured by one of the well-known car experts: Doug DeMuro. One the video source, he gave the BMW M2 a positive rating for its cool design and great performance.

The Price And Release Date

The retail price of this cool car starts around $53,000. It first debut on the North American International Auto Show 2016, which in that time when car enthusiasts saw it for the first time, they knew it was going to be an awesome car to have. Now, let's see how incredible this car is.


According to the video source, in terms of overall design, it hits the perfect sweet spot for size and performance. It is said to be a foot shorter than that of the BMW 3 Series and a foot and half shorter than the BMW 5 Series. However, compared to both BMW cars, the BMW M2 is narrower.

For its outer design, one can really notice that its front design is much more aggressive compared to the BMW 2 Series because of its larger openings. For its back design, it also looks edgier than the BMW 2 Series, because of its much bolder rear bumper design. And for its side designs, it features wide fenders that really add up a nice touch on the BMW M2's sexy-aggressive look. It also has Blue M Performance brakes, which is something really nice and cool to have.

For its interior design, if you like the color blue, then it won't be much of a problem. As to why, its interior design is covered in a lot - like really a lot of blue stitches on the door panel, front seat, back seat, side bolster, center console lid, parking brake boot, and the shift boot. But blue stitches aside, the rest of the interior design is standard BMW design where most people would agree that everything about BMW interior design is sure to be high-quality and has the perfect combination of style and looks.


The BMW M2 uses a turbocharged 6-cylinder that makes 365 horsepower and 343 pound-feet torque. It even offers 2 great transmissions that buyers can choose from. One is the 6-speed manual and the other is a dual-clutch automatic. On the video source, the car that was featured had the 6-speed manual which is capable of doing zero to 60 in 4 seconds.


According to the video source, driving the BMW M2 is almost close to perfect. Everything is so smooth from the transmission to the shift lever and to the clutching, the car just gives the driver a great driving experience. The only problem, however, is that the BMW M2 does not have an adjustable suspension feature. But as car enthusiasts, we can live with that, right?

The Verdict

Unlike other high-end BMW models that feature crazy high horsepower around 500 plus or so, the BMW M2 only has a horsepower of 365 which makes the driving experience easier, especially when driving around corners without having to sacrifice style and speed. Let's face it, fast cars sound cool and feel cool when you're driving in a very high speed. However, that is only nice when it's a straight road and without any traffic. Where do you find a large city where you can drive on a very high speed with no traffic at all and without getting in trouble with the law? Yeah, it's kind of hard and the reason that makes the BMW M2 such a great car.

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