Lamborghini Joins The Trend As They Plan To Unleash Their First Hybrid Vehicle In 2018

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MUNICH, GERMANY - MARCH 11: A Lamborghini Urus during a Audi group reception on March 11, 2013 in Munich, Germany. Photo : Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Lamborghini is set to release their new sports utility vehicle, the Lamborghini Urus, in 2018. The new sports utility vehicle will be the first hybrid to emerge from the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer. Like the rest of the new hybrids, the Urus is going to be a mix of a conventional engine and a plugin electric motor.

The First Hybrid From Lamborghini Would Also Have A Twin-Turbo

Lamborghini has not announced what type of plugin hybrid motor they would put in the vehicle, but it will be partnered with a 4.0liter twin turbo V8 engine. Aside from being the first hybrid from Lamborghini, the company also does not usually install a turbo charger in their vehicles. However, the new research and development head, Maurizio Reggiani, said that the turbos are necessary for the sports utility vehicle as its function for torque is important for this type of application. Reggiani also stated that Lamborghini is exerting a lot of effort for the cars handling and aerodynamics.

All Other Lambos Would Still Be Naturally Aspirated

Purists need not fret, as all other Lamborghinis will still stick to its naturally aspirated forms. In addition to being a hybrid and the twin turbo chargers, the Urus will be equipped with a complicated 48V-powered active anti-roll suspension. The new platform will make the Lamborghini Urus a leader in handling and will set new class rules, said Reggiani. No exact date has been announced by the luxurious Italian car brand.

Other Known Supercar Manufacturers That Have Hybrids

Ferrari, another Italian luxury supercar manufacturer, has already produced their version of a hybrid sports car in the guise of the exclusive Ferrari LaFerrari. The Laferrari is powered by an electrically assisted 6.3liter V12 engine that puts out up to 950 of brake horsepower. The Acura NSX is also powered by a 3.5liter V6 engine that is assisted by two front electric motors to sum up a combined 573 horsepower.

Ultra-Luxury Sports Utility Vehicles

For sports utility vehicles, the Audi Q7 is available in a plugin form. The Lamborghini Urus would be competing with other ultra luxury sports utility vehicles such as the Bentley Bentayga, which claims to be the fastest sports utility vehicle in the world, and the upcoming Project Cullinan from Rolls Royce. Other car brands like Lexus, Porsche, Subaru and Volvo, among others, have versions of hybrid sports utility vehicles in their lineup as well.

The Logic Behind The Hybrid SUV of Lamborghini

It is not yet known why Lamborghini decided to join the trend of hybrid vehicle manufacturing. Consumers can only imagine the logic behind the move, as Lamborghini is known to cater only to people of high society and have no need to compete with other car brands. The company could also be aiming for a sustainable energy source, or may be showing concerns for fuel economy. However, it would be difficult to assume for now as people who can buy a Lamborghini are naturally assumed to have enough money not to think about the rising gas prices. Whatever the case is, we would have to wait until the official release, and hope that all the questions gets the answers they deserve.

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