DO NOT WATCH: Russian Wolves, A Collapsing Mine, Exploding Banana Faces And More

Wolves on a Russian highway

Russia is wild, man. While being written a ticket, a Russian motorist films the traffic cop writing the citation. And suddenly, the cop's partner in the car parked on the other side of the road yells something. A look of panic takes over the officers face as he looks off into the distance behind the car. A moment later, he quickly jumps into the car. Then you hear the barking, as a herd of wolves rush past the car.

Russia, man.

The ocean collapses a strip mine…that was built next to the ocean

This charming example of humanity's stupidity and nature's fury comes to us from 1993 in Seaside Malaysia. The 1000 foot deep mine excavated tin and at the time had been operating for decades.


Somewhere, I man woke up and decided "I'm gonna cover my face with bananas and then blow them up on camera. Yeah, this is a great idea."

A guy solves three Rubik's cubes simultaneously WHILE JUGGLING THE CUBES

This is insane. A Stanford University student juggles three Rubik's cubes while solving the puzzles.

The icing on the cake is the end of the video. After completing this heroic feat of dexterity, coordination practice and absurd amounts of puzzle skills, he holds the completed cubes, their colors matched and his audience in awe, and moves them around in his hand. And then he drops one. And in that little slip of the hand, we're reminded of something vital to our understanding of the universe. Alas, nothing is perfect.

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