What Major Changes On Elder Scrolls Online To Be Expected Next Year

Elder Scrolls Online fans are ready to see the major changes that Bethesda is planning to add in the game next year. The update will let the players create their own houses and there will be other fantastic additions that they need to watch out for.

Homestead Update On Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Added On February

According to Inquisitr, players will be able to create and customize their homes in Elder Scrolls Online. The update will bring 40 homes are based on the 10 major races in the game. The houses have different sizes from small to large.

The players have to complete series of quests to have their apartment in a certain inn in the game. If they have enough Golds or crowns, they can buy their chosen homes. Also, the players can craft and sell their furniture in Elder Scrolls Online Homestead update. 

The players can also grab the opportunity to buy their own private island in Elder Scrolls Online. When the players buy their homes on an account, their chosen house will automatically be unlocked for the other characters in the game.

Future Plans Of Bethesda On Elder Scrolls Online

Beside the Homestead update of Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda is cooking something new for the players. As per Video Games Republic, this is their strategy to keep the players going and interested in the game. The developer is still receiving positive feedbacks from the players and that is why it is determined to update the game.

Matt Firor, a producer of Elder Scrolls Online, promised that the whole team will bring new features in the game. The company will release the official list of what the players can expect when new year finally arrives. But for now, all they have to do is wait.

Elder Scrolls Online is not yet finished until Bethesda says so. Its goal is to bring the players what they deserve for being loyal fans of the game. Hopefully, the developer will release the update sooner so that the players will be focused in the game.

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