Hitman Elusive Target 17 Goes Live; Agent 47 Heads To Bangkok For The Food Critic

Hitman has been updated with Elusive Target 17. This will be the last target before the year ends. The players have only one target to kill with the latest update of the game. Also, this mission might be more difficult to kill than the previous targets.

Hitman Elusive Target 17 Details

According to The Gamerholics, the players of Hitman has one goal and it is to kill Wen T'sai who is marked as the Elusive Target 17. The players can stalk the food critic on his travel in Bangkok starting on Dec. 30 and will last for a week. The players also need to protect themselves so they will not die.

If they die in their mission, the players do not have second chances in Hitman. They need to succeed on their first attempt in killing Wen T'sai just like any other Elusive Target because they cannot replay the mission once they have started.

The players should focus in killing Wen T'sai because as long as they are not successful with their mission, they do not need to think about the second objectives in Hitman. As per iDigital Times, the players have limited access where the food critic's itinerary is.

When Will Hitman: The Complete First Season Be Released?

The players can have their Hitman: The Complete First Season on Jan. 31. The game will be available for Xbox One, PC and PS4. The game will cost $59.99 only. According to High Def Digest, this is the second season of the game that was released.

The players are excited to have their complete copy of the Hitman game because it provides them the thrill when they are assassinating an Elusive Target or completing any missions in the game. Also, this will let them relive the other features of the game.

Hopefully, Hitman: The Complete First Season will bring satisfaction rather than disappointment to the players. Square Enix is determined to bring the players nothing but the best whether it is action pack game or an RPG.

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