China Confirms New Case Of Bird Flu: Scientifically Known As H7N9

It has recently been confirmed that human bird flu has been discovered in China, causing many deadly diseases that could easily be spread worldwide. It can be recalled that diseases as such have been continuously originating in China.

H7N9 Bird Flu Virus Currently Slowly In An Outbreak In China; Authorities Recorded More Than 10 Cases

Authorities of the Department of Health in China have confirmed that a man in his 50s has recently been infected with a new type of bird flu, now widely known scientifically as H7N9. It is a kind of avian influenza and the news has been announced last Saturday as the incident happened in Xinhua. The older man is not the first case reported under this problem, as there have been 17 others diagnosed with the said bird flu that is rapidly spreading all over the country.

The country and its health department have been trying its best to contain the flu diseases in a certain area and avoid it from spreading to different cities, let alone different countries. The world hasn't recovered from Zika virus just and the turmoil of having another contagious disease is the last thing that the rest of the world should worry about. Thus, quarantine is highly needed in the area as to prevent the virus from spreading to a larger-covered zone.

Bird Flu Assured To Be Handled Effectively By China's Ministry Of Agriculture

It has been reported that since the rapid increase of the people affected by the H7N9 virus, China has already rejected hundreds of thousands of poultry in a number of provinces since the month of October. This is to prevent the outbreak of the virus and to contain the diseases in a limited number of grounds only. It has also been confirmed that the country's Ministry of Agriculture has assured that the issue is currently being handled in an effective manner, and there is no need to panic the citizens and business owners as well. The handlers of the animals are also being well-managed to ensure clean and proper techniques in the growth of the animals to prevent said virus from ever spreading.

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