Find Out Bill Gates’ Proposition To Cure HIV, Is There A Catch?

Considering the rising number of HIV/AIDS cases being recorded annually, experts all over the world notes that prevention of the said infection is just as crucial as what is reflected by the technologies and current findings pertaining to the disease. Consequently, this point of view has turned out to be the same as what Bill Gates and his wife has. Funded by as much as $140 million in grant and equity funding, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was found to have backed the Intarcia Therapeutics, a Boston biotech that is known for developing a tiny, implantable drug-delivery pump for type 2 diabetes, in their endeavor on broadening its focus to HIV and the prevention of further transmission.

Bill Gates' Proposition To Cure HIV

According to reports by Xconomy, authorities from the said biotech company has revealed that the newly discovered technology is reasonably a good alternative to pills. Once implanted just below the skin, the technology works by steadily releasing a drug into a patient's body over time,which can allegedly supply medication by delivering micro doses continuously to patients. In line with this, Intarcia Therapeutics is said to use use this technology to deliver anti-HIV prophylactic therapy for HIV. As experts have described it, it is believed that the implantable pump can hold six or 12 months of supply; thus, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted preventive medication.

In one of his statements reported by Yibada, Dr. Emilio Emini of Gates Foundation has reportedly been quoted to have said that the long-acting forms of contraception is applicable once it has already been launched. Furthermore, although the definite for HIV is yet to be discovered, experts say that the use of implantable pump could fit in and boost the prevention strategy called pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. Accordingly, they have also highly emphasized that this particular technology would be able to ensure the consistency and is perceived as something that can potentially decrease HIV transmission worldwide, including the highly affected sub-Saharan Africa.

Ultimately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also revealed that PrEP can allegedly prevent HIV from taking hold and spreading throughout your body. Moreover, PrEP is known to be effective in preventing HIV if used as prescribed, but it is much less effective when not taken consistently.


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