Everything You Have To Know About Progressive Multiple Sclerosis And Why It’s Currently The Talk Of The Town?

Since 2009, the therapy for multiple sclerosis has been known to have started, yet, the definite cure remains unknown. Accordingly, the FDA has recently approved the latest agent, daclizumab commonly known by the some as Zinbryta. It was found that the medication, which has been marketed by Biogen and AbbVie, has many of the same characteristics as other recent therapies for MS. However, health experts said that although daclizumab and the likes of it can greatly improve the quality of life for MS patients, all of these new drugs are allegedly approved for only one form of the disease.

Progressive Multiple Sclerosis And Why It's Currently The Talk Of The Town?

According to reports revealed by IFL Science, a number of trials that aims to come up with a more effective medications has been introduced for the autoimmune disease that attacks the myelin sheaths that protect the nerve cells and interfering with the transmission of impulses in the neural system. Meanwhile, experts say that although a significant amount of immunotherapy has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks for people with relapsing remitting MS, it is not however generally recommended for people with the primary progressive form of the disease.

Furthermore, as per Managed Care, the treatment used for progressive MS is complicated considering the fact that the blood-brain barrier, a kind of biological moat that defends the central nervous system from all manner of pathogens, is found to also keep medications at bay, in order for them not to be able to enter the central nervous system. Ultimately, experts have highly emphasized that as far as certain medications are concerned, a wider set of therapies is still needed which apparently include drugs that protect the nervous system from attack and others that repair damage once it has happened.


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