What Twitter Must Do This Year To Survive

Last year, social media network Twitter suffered what has been considered as the worst moment in its short history, to the point in which it lost its position as one of the top platforms with more users, and to the point in which some of its shareholders and board members wanted the company to be sold. Given this situation, Twitter is facing a new year with new goals and some challenges that need to overcome in order to survive.

Twitter Needs To Find An Attractive Identity

Once of the first problems that Twitter faced before it went IPO, was the fact that no one knew how to define this platform since many considered as a social network, and other considered as a media. Nevertheless, this was something that no one cared at the beginning and Twitter´s popularity went real high.

However, once it became a major player in the game, this ambiguity turned into a huge monster that creates the worst collateral damage: making people feel bored and uninterested in this platform. Obviously, having a defined identity is the reason why Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are way more popular than Twitter right now.

Given this situation, one of the most important moves that Twitter should make in order to grow this year is to offer different option and functionalities that restore users' interest in the platform. Although Twitter already launched on July the "See what´s happening" ad campaign, it needs to do more than that to survive this year.

Twitter Has To Stop Online Abuse

This has been the most damaging problem that Twitter faced last year, to the point in which the company had a leak of users that decreased its numbers in a threatening way for a platform that wants to compete in the big leagues. Naturally, Twitter took some measures and changed its policies in order to solve this issue, but there haven't been any efficient results yet.

Of course, this is a field in which Twitter needs to be extremely careful, given the fact that contradictions are part of this job, and many users would not understand it. Given this situation, Twitter must eliminate any kind of abuse on its platform, but at the same time offer the freedom of speech that is necessary toany social network.

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