Get Wi-Fi Access In New York Underground Subway Stations

New York is taking a step further in information access. Every single subway station is set to have Wi-Fi for public use.

Officials made a promise to provide all the New York underground subway stations with Wi-Fi. 175 of the subway stations already had Wi-Fi some time in August 2016. Now, each of the 279 Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx subway stations will allow you to kill time with a mobile game or update your boss if you are running a bit late. The Wi-Fi was set up by Transit Wireless, a company dedicated to deployment and operation of communication infrastructure in unique environments.

Amanda Kwan, an MTA spokesperson said that they are on track to deliver Wi-Fi service in every station by the end of the year. You are also welcome to see for yourself if the Wi-Fi is already up and running on a specific station thru the Transit Wireless website. According to the Transit Wireless site, you also will now have underground cell phone service in several stations.

However, only a handful of stations, like the 103rd Street and 28th Street stops on the 1 and the 110th Street station on the 2/3 line seems to have really good connectivity.

New York has also seen a number of internet-progressive upgrades in 2016 including Wi-Fi ready buses that allow passengers online access while moving. If you are not the easily grossed out type, you should be happy to hear of the plans to turn ubiquitous trash cans into solar powered Wi-Fi hotspots. New York officials have also been planning the revamp of subway cars to include USB chargers, and full-colour digital displays for passengers with the hopes of providing New York with a world class transit system.

For now, we just have to wait until Wi-Fi is accessible anytime and anywhere on the globe.

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