LG Plans To Unveil At CES A Robot With Echo-Like Mobile Assistant

The South Korean electronics company LG is planning to unveil at CES a whole lineup of robots, including one that has an Echo-like mobile assistant.

LG Voice Controlled Robot

According to Engadget, LG is focusing a lot of company's resources in developing new robots. The electronics company has announced on its company's website a whole lineup of robots that will be unveiled at CES 2017, scheduled to start on Wednesday, Jan 4. Among them is included the flagship robot that could theoretically replace the Echo speaker.

The Hub Robot could serve as both a smart home platform and personal assistant. LG is calling its Hub Robot a personal assistant for consumers combined with a smart home gateway.

Other LG Robots To Be Unveiled At CES

LG is also interested in developing outdoor robots. One model that will get a preview at CES 2017 will be able to take care of its owner's yard, including the garden. Details about the LG robots were not made public yet, the company waiting for the January's CES event in order to fully reveal their features.

According to tech experts, we could expect some common trends. Some of LG's robots, at least, will be able to manage themselves through complex environments. Pepper-like robots are expected to be able to help in environments such as hotels and airports. LG is not content with making the robotic cleaner robots and aims instead to make robots a part of its product line as much as washing machines and TVs.

According to Tech Crunch, a trio of "non-cleaning" robots has been teased by the Seoul-based company, including a commercial model designed to offer travel info at hotels and airports, a lawn mowing model and the Hub Robot that is a bit similar to a mobile Amazon Echo. All the company's robots will come with some form of artificial intelligence (AI), according to LG.

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