iPhone 8 Update: Digital Crown To Debut In Anniversary iPhone + 3 Other Products For 2017

iPhone 8 Update: Digital Crown To Debut In Anniversary iPhone + 3 Other Products For 2017
The last calendar year was not a great one for Apple, but there is still a lot of pressure on the Cupertino giant to do well in 2017. And from the looks of it, the company does have a few surprising and innovative ideas to roll out. Photo : PhoneDog/YouTube

Apple's iPhone 8 is arguably one of the most anticipated releases of 2018. Unlike its most recent products, the anniversary iPhone is expected to blow its competition out of the water. Moreover, the Cupertino-based company is reportedly going to mix it up with three other items - new iPad models, a revamped Apple Watch and a refreshed MacBook Pro.

According to Computer World, the Cupertino tech giant is looking into installing the Digital Crown original found in the Apple Watch to the iPhone 8. A patent filed by the company has been made public, which suggest this idea. But is the company looking into making this a reality in the first place?

The company points out that that the Digital Crown is a great piece of technology - for a modern timepiece. It definitely makes the necessary upgrade from the standard winder found in most wearables, but how is to going to make the iPhone 8, which will reportedly be one large touch screen, better?

The rumors have thus pointed towards the direction of the anniversary iPhone becoming one large touch screen, devoid of most physical buttons and bezels, beginning with the home button. And these claims have seemed very futuristic. Installing a Digital Crown seems to be a step back, instead.
Some other publications argue that adding the Digital Crown to the upcoming iPhone 8 will benefit the same in the sense that it will provide a different type of user interface to the owner. More specifically, the addition will allow users to interact and access applications differently and possibly more efficiently. But considering the other - arguably more believable - rumors about the anniversary iPhone, it does not fit in.

Of course, a patent does not necessarily mean that it will roll out. History proves that not all patents that are filed eventually do make it out to the market. If anything, Apple is simply exhausting all possibilities in order to make the iPhone 8 a great addition to its 10 years in the market. And that thought alone is exciting enough.

But just to make things more upbeat, the Cupertino tech giant has a few more items up its sleeve. According to Learn Bonds, there are at least three other products to look out for in Apple's 2017 roster. These include the more iPad models, a new and improved Apple Watch and a restructured MacBook Pro.

As noted by the publication, at least three new models of the iPad will be released, including a 10.9-inch variant that will be bezel-free. Another is the new 9.7-inch low-cost iPad Pro, which will released alongside the iPad Mini. All new items are said to include a display that will support a wider DCI-P3 color gamut.

Meanwhile, the third Apple Watch is expected to arrive sometime in September. The new wearable will apparently come in a stylish and more multi-colored options. Furthermore, the screen will sport a micro-LED display, but no changes are expected in terms of size and shape. However, what is arguably more exciting is the smart wristband, which will reportedly have the ability to show simple notifications, as well as the time.

Lastly, the company is expected to release a revamped version of the MacBook Pro, which fixes all the bugs and complaints on the current one. The 2016 MacBook Pro introduced the world to the Touch Bar, a row of morphing function keys that rest where the original function keys used to. However, users often complain about the battery life and and other such glitches.

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