From Software May Launch Bloodborne 2, Dark Souls 4 And Demon's Souls 2 This Year

Bloodborne 2, Dark Souls 4 and Demon's Souls 2 might be released this year. However, there are no official announcements yet from From Software regarding the launch dates of said games. This sparked some hope that at least one would be released in 2017.

Is Dark Souls 4 A Possibility In 2017?

Dark Souls 3 is believed to have a sequel. Players have been forming their theories regarding the game because From Software said that the company is working with three new games that might be launched this year.

One person from the development team of Dark Souls 4 said that fans should watch out for the next installment this year. A lot of players are ecstatic with these rumors have been circulating the internet. They are wishing that From Software will address the rumors already.

However, players are doubting whether Dark Souls 4 might be available this year because the third installment was just released last year. So, they are scratching the idea of the fourth installment because the game is still enjoyable with the last DLC Ashes of Ariandel.

Bloodborne 2 And Demon's Souls 2 Are Rumored To Be Available This Year

According to Express, From Software is working on exciting titles that the company is planning to launch this year. Teruyuki Toriyama and Masaaki Yamagiwa, both producers of Bloodborne, said that the developer is planning to launch a new game in 2017 that might be one of the rumored titles.

Demon's Souls 2 is the next rumored project that From Software might be developing, too. However, fans are still guessing on what are the games of From Software will be available this year because there are a lot of possibilities on what can happen.

Hopefully, From Software will finally release a statement about its plans about Dark Souls 4, Bloodborne 2 and Demon's Souls 2. The players are excited because they have been waiting for each of the game's sequel.

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