‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ News And Updates: Release Date, Gameplay And Bigger Revelations At CES 2017

Bioware, the game developer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, has recently announced that it will present the video game at CES 2017. The gamers were introduced to the video game during The Game Awards 2016 where the developer has teased them about some of the details of the game. The game developer revealed certain things about the game's dialogue, combat, galaxy map and exploration.

More Details Will Be Provided At CES 2017

With this announcement, it now appears that Bioware is ready to provide avid fans of the game more juicy details and updates about Mass Effect: Andromeda. The invites provided by the game developer gave no specifics about these details. However, many are expecting additional details about the game's environment, gameplay footages and so forth in the upcoming event.

Bioware could probably undertake a tech demo as to how Mass Effect: Andromeda could be made more visually impressive by GeForce. NVIDIA is also expected to demonstrate the graphics capability of its new GeForce 1080 Ti unit at CES 2017. Some are expecting that NVIDIA will demonstrate how its new video card can run the game in 4K.

Animation of Mass Effect Andromeda Has Improved

The game developer has also assured that the attendees at the CES 2017 event will not only be treated with additional footages of Mass Effect: Andromeda but they will also see the improvements in the game's animation. There were some comments about the game's facial animation during the event last December. But the developer said that this area is still undergoing refinements.

The timeline of Mass Effect: Andromeda is set 600 years after Mass Effect 3. Other alien species from the Milky Way Galaxy are invading other galaxies aboard their spaceships called Arks. These intergalactic vessels are equipped with pathfinders helping them to search for other habitable planets in the galaxy. The game features other alien species such as Krogan and Asari. A new evil race, the Kett, will be introduced in the upcoming game. Mass Effect: Andromeda is slated for release in March 2017.

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