Climate Change 2017: Famine Awaits As Artic Region Is Bound For A More Serious ‘Tipping Point’ Says Renowned Adventurer, Is Earth Near To Its Total Destruction?

After being an actual eyewitness to the devastating impact of global warming that took place during an expedition to the Arctic, renowned Adventurer Sir David Hempleman-Adams has recently been found to have been calling out on every politician's attention to "grasp the nettle" on climate change.The renowned adventurer claims that he allegedly witnessed how the arctic region reached the "tipping point" and warned that the rapidly vanishing ice could lead to floods and famine.

Famine Awaits As Artic Region Is Bound For A More Serious 'Tipping Point'

In one of his statements reported by Daily Mail, Sir David Hempleman-Adams has expressed his fears about the disappearance of sea ice which was reportedly confirmed during one of his recently concluded trip that aims to circumnavigate the polar region by boat. It was found that a typical journey around the Arctic via the Northeast and Northwest Passages would take three years to complete. However, Hempleman-Adams and his team have revealed that they've managed to finish it in just four months and a day. Authorities from all over the world have also recently cited Sir David Hempleman-Adams, who also happens to be a veteran of almost 30 expeditions, as part of the annual New Year Honors list.

Furthermore, according to Evening Express, scientists have found that over the past century, around one-third of the world's ice has already vanished. The Bellot Strait, a stretch of water normally clogged with icebergs, turned out to be filled with nothing but water in drone footage shot by the expedition team. In one of his interviews, the New Year Honors list awardee has also said that we are somewhat like doing the pay lip service to the Paris climate accords trying to get carbon emissions down, but we just seem to be scratching the surface and don't seem to be getting to grips with it. Ultimately, Hempleman-Adams claimed that what we are experiencing now can already be considered as the consequences of global warming, and it will definitely have an impact on us down in the South.


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