‘Re: Zero - Death Or Kiss' New Trailer Features Video Game's Original Story

One of the anticipated upcoming video games exclusively for PlayStation, “Re: Zero – Death or Kiss” has finally released a new update heightening the excitement of fans looking forward to its official release. An official trailer revealing the video game’s story was just unveiled.

5pb. Inc., the developer of the upcoming “Re: Zero – Death or Kiss” video game has released a new trailer telling the original story of the said game, featuring the main and supporting characters. The trailer revealed that the main playable character named Natsuki Subaru is caught in a turmoil as he has been bestowed a rather annoying curse after accidentally kissing the highly sought after prize, the Metia. The Metia will be given to the grand winner in a beauty contest selection.

In order to lift the said curse, Subaru has to find that one perfect sincere kiss and sadly that is the only way to erase Metia’s rage. Subaru seeks help from one of the main characters, Emilia but the other female characters hinder the plans as they all vie to win the prized Metia in the said beauty contest. Through the player’s choices, Subaru can unlock various endings that will involve each of the eight contestants namely Anastasia Hoshin, Beatrice, Crusch Karsten, Emilia, Felt, Priscilla Barielle, Ram, and Rem.

Though “Re: Zero – Death or Kiss” may look like a reverse otome game, it has actually been shelved as an adventure role-playing video game that takes the player into different scenarios. An otome video game is one that is marketed towards female players that usually depict a female heroine having to choose from various male characters and having different endings as well. “Re: Zero – Death or Kiss” will be released exclusively for PlayStation, specifically on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It will be officially launched in Japan on March 23 this year and an English version of the said game is yet to be confirmed by 5pb. Inc.

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