Kingdom Hearts 3 Might Add Character Customization Feature

After Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV back in November, the game company has no excuse bow but to turn their focus on the next blockbuster - Kingdom Hearts 3. And it seems like the case with the possibility of adding a customization feature.

The idea that Kingdom Hearts 3 might add a character customization feature in the game came from director Tetsuya Nomura himself during an interview with Dengeki Playstation via KH13.

When asked about this, Nomura said that they have their eyes set on other things. However, this does not mean that they are not considering this possibility. He said that the deciding factor whether Kingdom Hearts 3 will have the character customization feature depends on the reception of the fans towards the feature of he feature in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 -A Fragmentary Passage.

So what is the feature that Nomura is talking about? It's none other than the character decoration feature, which he said was added as an after-thought. He said the team wanted more fun in the game and decided to add this despite the game being filled to the brim already. Thus, he encourages players to collect as many items as they can because it's so much fun designing your own Aqua.

Based on the fans reactions on the comments, they are really looking forward to the feature knowing they can customize the other party members as well. On the other hand, some fans are saying that customization will work well only in the gameplay and not in the cut scenes. Moreover, others are already suggesting what costumes they want to see if ever character customization becomes possible.

However, like Nomura has mentioned, there are other features in kingdom Hearts 3 that need more attention. Meanwhile, while waiting for KHD3, get your copy of Kingdom Hearts H.D 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue which will be exclusively released on PS on January 24.

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