Uber BlackBerry And Windows Phone App Launches, Android Version Updated

Uber, the black car and taxi service, has launched apps for the Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems, and also updated its previously released Android app.

The Android app was updated with Foursquare integration, making it more convenient for users to let drivers know their precise location for pick-up and drop-off. The app will be able to recall most frequent pickup locations set by the user, similar to most mapping apps such as Google Maps.

Overall, the changes are similar to the updates in the iOS app in December, and echo the company's mantra, "#TheRideAhead," TheNextWeb reports.

Among other new features included in the apps are a fare estimator and current rates for the service.

The Android version has also been given some UI tweaks, including redesigned animations, receipts and menus, so that the interface is much cleaner and easier to navigate, TheNextWeb reports. 

The company continues to expand into new markets as it began testing its service in Lyon, France, earlier this month, and launched in Singapore in February. Uber announced the arrival of BlackBerry and Windows Phone apps on its blog.

The expansion and news of the new apps comes amid a backdrop of some controversy for the company recently, when Uber black towncar drivers refused to respond to calls for rides on St. Patrick's Day. The drivers said they were dissatisfied with how the company has treated them, and about 30 black towncar drivers protested in front of Uber's San Francisco headquarters the day before, citing communication problems and "disrespect" from the company, according to TheNextWeb.

It's not clear how the company addressed the disgruntled drivers, but Ilya Abyzov, general manager of Uber in San Francisco, said the company was "100 percent committed" to working with "only the highest quality transportation providers" in the city, according to TheNextWeb.

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