HTC Vive 2 Rumors At CES 2017 Not True

By Edge Ison , Jan 03, 2017 04:43 AM EST

Fans of the HTC Vive will have to wait a little longer to get a chance to play with its successor.

HTC recently squelched rumors that the Vive 2 will be unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronics Show which will be held from Jan. 5 to 8.

"There is no truth to the rumor of launching Vive 2 at CES 2017. At Vive, we are laser focused on building out a strong and growing ecosystem for current and future Vive owners so they can experience the best room-scale VR with the most compelling content available."

The HTC Vive was just released last April 2016 and, as the statement above says, the company is focused on letting the current Vive owners enjoy their VR experience a little bit more.

Virtual reality, along with augmented reality, is seen as a major factor in tech this 2017. In fact, many consider it as one of the trends that will dominate the CES 2017. However, HTC's decision not to include the Vive 2 in the much-awaited consumer electronics tradeshow is a dampener of sorts.

Despite the announcement, which was made over UploadVR, fans can still expect the Vive 2 to be better than the already impressive Vive. The first VR headset from HTC was a huge success. It sold more than its rivals including the Facebook-backed Oculus Rift.

Speaking of, Oculus will not likely be represented at the CES 2017. Unlike last year when Oculus showcased its products in a large booth, the Facebook-sponsored device will not have a booth at all since it is not listed as an exhibitor.

The next Vive VR headset is expected to fix the few issues with the first one. UploadVR, for one, thinks the Vive will be better off with a slimmer design, a lighter cord, and better for the face. It also prefers that the VR headset have "more ergonomic controllers without hard-to-reach grip buttons".

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