International Space Station: The Mannequin Challenge Is The Best So Far

While everyone was too busy taking on the mannequin challenge, astronauts from the International Space Station decided to take part and stun the world. The crew made sure to make their version memorable as they did it in zero gravity.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet made a phenomenal move to share a video of the ISS crew's own style of the mannequin challenge. In the video, the team can be seen putting a great amount of effort in remaining motionless while floating in microgravity.

As per Gizmodo, a creative Twitter user has even made an effort to throw in Rae Sremmund's piece, "Black Beatles" making the epic video more amusing. So far, the surprise has got people thinking if this is the best one among the numerous versions of the mannequin challenge so far.

The Quint noted the French astronaut, Pesquet's words on Facebook. He wrote that the crew got together and took the mannequin challenge to new heights. He even asked the question "The result is kind of sci-fi spooky don't you think?"

The International Space Station is an artificial satellite located low in the Earth's orbit. This is the first space habitat that is launched in 1998. So far, it is the largest artificial body that can be seen with the naked eye in the orbit.

The ISS works as a microgravity and space environment research lab where a couple of experiments involving biology, physics, astronomy, human biology and meteorology are performed. This is the place where spacecraft systems and equipment are subjected to testing for future missions.

Just recently, NASA captured a beautiful sight of the International Space Station making a solar transit in front of the sun at an amazing 28,968 km/hour in speed. A lot of great news from the ISS team is yet to unfold as they go through their ventures.

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