LG Robot: New Hub Robot To Rival Amazon Echo, Google Home Personal Assistant

By Anne Dominguez , Jan 03, 2017 09:45 AM EST

A new LG robot is going out in the market. LG company announced it will showcase new and advanced robot technology in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 on Wednesday, Jan. 4. The said technology has similar capabilities as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The company will unveil the Hub Robot, which can both serve as a smart home gateway and a personal assistant for the users. This sounds very similar to the Alexa-voiced virtual assistant, Amazon echo and Google Home speaker powered by the Google Assistant. The line-up or LG robots that are set to be presented at CES 2017 includes robots that can navigate in complex environments and has powerful analytical capabilities.

In a press release provided by LG, the company said the new robotic technologies were the results of innovations beyond the technology found in the LG HOM-BOT automated vacuum cleaner. The new robots can be partnered with other LG smart appliances and can be used outdoors or in public spaces.

The LG hub robot is equipped with artificial intelligence and will act as the brain of the smart home according to the Mirror Online. The full specifications of the robot will be explained at CES 2017. Other technologies to be launched by LG include robots that can tend the garden and give information to people outdoors.

The LG Airport and Hotel Assistant is a commercially designed model which to improve the travel experience. It is programmed to give necessary information to travelers in a hotel or at the airport. Meanwhile, the LG SmartThinQ Hub has cleaning and personal assisting functions. It is also has Echo-style speaker which may have similar functionalities as Alexa.

Aside from the LG robots, the company also unveiled more technologies prior to the CES 2017 which includes UHD televisions that utilizes the nano cell LCD technology. The said technology offers the ultimate viewing experience by using uniformly-sized particles, with the diameter of about one nanometer, to project accurate colors.


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