If You Think Your Phlegm Is Nothing But Disgusting, Think Again! Health Experts Say That The Color Of Mucus Reveal Something About One’s Health

Normally, coughing up phlegm or sneezing out snot has been perceived as the normal mechanism of the body in warding off a cold. However, experts across the globe believe that the hue of one's phlegm is more of a clue as to how hard your immune system is working to fend off an infection, may it be bacterial or viral and may just tell something more serious about one's health condition. A general practitioner, Dr. Sarah Brewer, has recently explained that the mere fact of having a particular color of the disgusting snot can actually protect us, by keeping our lungs, airways and nasal passages moist.

The Color Of Mucus Reveals Something About One's Health

In one of her statements revealed by The Sun, Nicola Contreras, MSN, RN, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Nursing said that mucus, as part of the immune system's process, aids in protecting the body from pathogens known as infectious agents, by trapping particles as they are breathed in through the airways. She notes that its color actually reveals a lot about what is going on inside the body it has come from.

Furthermore, according to Daily Mail, white mucus means that the tissues in your nose have swollen up, which makes the mucus in your nose to be unable to move through your nasal passages as quickly as usual. So, if a person snots white phlegm it may mean you have upper respiratory tract infection such as a cold, or an allergy, which can cause congested sinuses. Meanwhile, experts say that a yellow or green phlegm which has a thick consistency and is quite dark signifies either a viral or bacterial infection. Experts say that this color occurs when white blood cells rush in to fight infection. Moreover, Consultant Chest Physician at Spire Bushey Hospital in Hertfordshire, Dr. Ash Husain says that a pink or reddish mucus can be a sign you have fluid in the lungs known as a condition called pulmonary edema. Additionally, Dr. Husain said that this is apparently the most alarming color in terms of concern since if your phlegm is rusty or blood stained you should see a healthcare professional urgently. Ultimately, no matter what the color of mucus is, health experts suggest that it is still best to seek a particular physician before doing any other step.


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