New Leak Reveals How Powerful The Snapdragon 835 Chip Is

Qualcomm SnapDragon
A new leak has been discovered regarding the SnapDragon 835 chip. In the recent leak, details as to how powerful the chip are revealed and is said to offer greater display specs, improved VR and AR experience, faster charging, and more. Photo : Qualcomm Snapdragon processors & modems/YouTube

Though the CES 2017 is just right around the corner and many tech enthusiasts are already pumped-up as to what will be revealed, there are already many leaks coming out everywhere. And among those leaks is the thrilling Snapdragon 835 SoC capabilities.

According to the source, the SD 835 SoC was already announced by Qualcomm last year. However, only a handful of information about the chipset was given out. But this time it is different because a recent leak shared a lot of details as to how powerful the SD 835 SoC is. Here are the details:


The SD 835 SoC is said to be smaller, faster and has more energy-efficiency compared to any chipset in history. This can be possibly true, given that the SD 835 SoC itself uses a 10nm design and has over 3 billion transistors on it. In regards as to how small it is, the leak claims that it is 30 percent smaller than that of the 2015's flagship.

Display And Software And Camera

In terms of visual specs, the SD 835 SoC can offer up to 25 percent faster 3D graphics rendering and features 60 times more display colors. The SD 835 SoC has 40 percent more power efficiency than the SD 820 SoC. It will also be 27 percent faster than the 2015 flagship. With the camera performance, the SD 835 SoC also offers a lot of improvements. It will improve camera capabilities such as improved zoom and stabilization, EIS 3.0, a 4K video stabilization, enhanced hybrid auto-focus framework, sharper images with less noise, and be able to operate dual camera set-ups.


The SD 820 offers more battery life, giving an added day for talk time and 5 days more of music play, but for 4k streaming, the SD 820 SoC only offer an extra 7 hours of battery life. It will also enable smartphone manufacturers to create a thinner device with larger batteries. And lastly, if the leaks are true, the SD 835 SoC offers a Quick Charge feature version of 4.0 that charging only for 5 minutes can provide 5 hours of battery life.


For the features, the smartphones powered by the SD 835 SoC will have improved voice recognition for virtual assistants. It will have a refined real-time hand-tracking motion for a more immersive AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) experience. There also talks that it will have a better and more sophisticated security and biometric authentication.

In regards with the AR and VR improvements, it is said that SD 835 SoC will offer 20 percent reduction in motion-to-photon latency and 6 degrees of freedom for precise motion tracking, which if true, can guarantee to give people a much more immersive AR and VR experience. And with the improved security, the SD 835 SoC will add 3 layers of security on the chip, device and the system levels. The security will most likely be safe, because it is based on the company's Haven Security Platform that supports fingerprint scanners and eye and face-based security.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, all the things or most of the things mentioned about the SD 835 Soc's capabilities are true, because it would be mind-blowing. One thing that really caught my eye is the 5-minute charging which provides 5 hours of battery life. I wonder if that also applies to wireless charging. If yes, then the 2017 smartphones that will feature this device will be crazy powerful.

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