‘Final Fantasy XV' Fishing Guide: Catch Legendary Noble Arapaima In The 'Liege of the Lake' Hidden Quest

‘Final Fantasy XV' Fishing Guide: Catch Legendary Noble Arapaima In The 'Liege of the Lake' Hidden Quest
Go fishing in "Final Fantasy XV" then find out how to find the hidden fishing challeng, "Liege of the Lake" and how to catch the legendary fish called the Noble Arapaima. Photo : XCV/YouTube

Square Enix is clearly doing well with its most recent video game release, “Final Fantasy XV” still raking in countless players. Fresh off the shelf since the said video game was released in late November 2016, avid gamers still can’t stop playing it. The latest “Final Fantasy” main installment has been keeping a lot of players busy with its stunning open world that houses several things to discover and numerous side quests.

Square Enix has developed “Final Fantasy XV” as a different video game compared to its predecessors because of the new features it introduced. One of the appealing mini-games in the said role playing video game is fishing, which is a hobby Noctis is dearly obsessed with despite his regal stature. Aside from in-game fishing challenges that pop up as side quests, there are some hidden quests that require fishing.

How To Activate “Liege of the Lake” Hidden Quest

Aside from the fishing challenges that Navyth hands out from time to time for Noctis to complete, there are actually some fishing adventures that players can go on. One of this is to catch a legendary fish that can be caught under some few circumstances. By the way, Navyth is the wandering middle-aged fisherman that Noctis meets.

Unlike the other challenges, Noctis need not approach anyone to activate the "Liege of the Lake" hidden quest. Instead, Noctis and all other three members namely Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto must camp at a specific area. The player must set camp with a full party at the Captis Haven located in the East Bank of Vesperpool. It is not the group of isles in the north but a campsite that is near the road.

The next day after setting camp in the specified site will then trigger a special cutscene with Gladio and Noctis, wherein the former suggests to fish. This quest is clearly special as distinguished by the green quest indicator shown in the map.

How To Catch Legendary Noble Arapaima

It is recommended that this legendary fish called the Noble Arapaima be handled with caution as it has 1,100,000 stamina points. To prepare for the challenge, use the rod that has at least a defense level of 200 points. Using the Death Spin rod is recommended, which packs 210 defense and can be bought at Bert’s Bobbers ‘n’ Stuff at the Cleigne Region. Use the Tranquility Rod that has 290 defense if Noctis already has it, which can only be obtained after completing Navyth’s final fishing challenge, the “Angler’s Nightmare”.

Gear up the rod with the Nereid reel that has an attack power of 270 points but if the LLymlaen reel is already in Noctis’s possession, then better use it as it has 330 attack power. The Noble Arapaima does not discriminate baits so it bites into anything Noctis gives it but using the 10,000 Needles Gold Cactuar bait is recommended, which can be bought at the Coernix Station in Cauthess or the Stinker: Great Malboro, which can also be bought at Bert’s. Pay no heed to the weather or at Noctis’s fishing level as the legendary liege of the lake can be caught any time of the day even at the lowest fishing level.

Completing this hidden side quest triggers another cutscene with Gladio and Noctis, and of course strengthening the bond between the two characters. The quest rewards Noctis with 20 ability points (AP) and the rare Arapaima Scales. Noctis will then acquire the rare Big Blaze Bahamat lure, which is a special bait that can be used countlessly even when the line snaps.

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