WikiLeaks Leader Julian Assange Assures A Major 'Showdown' This Year

Julian Assange Speaks! Tells Hannity Russia Was Not His Source (12-15-16)
Although Julian Assange has repeatedly assured that WikiLeaks didn't have anything to do with the Russian government or Russian hackers, the site has been blamed for collaborating with them to sabotage the U.S. presidential elections. Photo : ConspiracyScope/YouTube

Of every single organization or institution that played a major role in 2016 politics, WikiLeaks was definitely the most important, given the fact that its revelations of John Podesta´s emails end up being so shocking that it helped the Republican candidate Donald Trump to be elected as the new American President and world leader. Somehow, it´s an undeniable fact that Julian Assange´s organization did something that only history will tell how important it was, but even under this kind of pressure, he would keep pushing forward in divulging confidential information to the people.

Julian Assange Promise A Year Full Of More Delicate Leaks

This is exactly what Assange explained through a tweet posted on WikiLeaks´ account, warning us to prepare for a major showdown this year, in which the whistleblower organization apparently will release classified documents about several government and political figures around the world.

What seems interesting about this post is the fact that it comes in a time in which the Democrats are blaming both Julian Assange and Wikileaks because of what they did in the election, not only because of the fact that it published confidential information, but also because they believe that the main source was the Russian government, which has been formally accused of interfering with the presidential election in order to get Trump elected.

Of course, Assange denied this assumption, claiming that the sources that WikiLeaks used to the leaks was not the Russian government or any Russian hacker. Also, he explained that WikiLeaks involvement in the elections was only to tell the truth about what was happening behind the curtains of the Democratic party and Clinton´s campaign. Nevertheless, many believe that the intentions of the non-profit organization were extremely biased on Trump´s candidacy, considering that there was no information relating to him or the Republican party.

Julian Assange Will Give An Interview To Fox News

In addition to the promise of a major showdown this year, it was also posted an interview that Julian Assange will give in a Reddit AMA session this week, in which he will answer any kind of question that users have, which seems as a great strategy for increasing the site´s popularity among young people, which represents the huge majority of people who supports WikiLeaks.

Also, what seems to be one of the most incredible moves from WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange is the fact that he´s going to give an interview in the Ecuadorean embassy to Fox News, since it has been reported that the journalist Sean Hannity has flown to London to meet him and to make a lot of questions regarding his work, and the Podesta´s emails. In fact, this would be Assange´s face-to-face cable news appearance.

What To Expect From WikiLeaks

Although it´s not known what to expect from WikiLeaks this year, many believe that its publications will definitely shows how much the site fulfill Russia´s interest, considering that Trump being president means that Putin´s government will have great relations with the U.S., and it would be quite suspicious if the whistleblower organization doesn't release delicate documents about the Republican, or anything related to his campaign or the government.

In fact, many analyst suggest that WikiLeaks could be mainly focused this year with Barack Obama, releasing different kinds of confidential information about the U.S. president and his government. In the last years, his relation with Julian Assange hasn't been exactly great because of the several leaks that the site has published, and mainly because of what happened in the elections.

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