Is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 Best Android CPU Of 2017?

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Qualcomm is sued by FTC over anti-competitive practices. Photo : Wochit Tech/YouTube

Qualcomm has announced on Tuesday, Jan. 3, at CES in Las Vegas new details about its upcoming Snapdragon 835 processor.

Qualcomm's Successes In 2016

According to Forbes, after facing a challenging 2015, Qualcomm had an exceptional 2016. The high-tech manufacturing company stood up to some pushy investors who tried to split it, managed a major corporate restructuring plan and finally started to have contracts with most Chinese phone manufacturers.

Qualcomm also managed to get back into the Samsung Galaxy game with its Snapdragon 820 processor, announced the industry's first 5G modem and shipped the first 1 Gbps LTE-A modem. All of these successes happened in 2016 and now the company is announcing at CES in Las Vegas details of the Snapdragon 835.

Snapdragon 835 Achieves Balance

Like its predecessor processor, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 is all about balance. The 835 balances objectives such as connectivity, image capture, immersive experiences, battery life, machine learning, and security.  All these objectives align nicely with what's possible with existing smartphone technology and with what consumers want today while opening at the same time towards the computing experiences of tomorrow.

Qualcomm designed the Snapdragon 835 as a single chip that has many different subsystems on it, including a digital signal processor (DSP), wireless modem, CPU, GPU, image signal processor (ISP), Wi-Fi, security and audio processors. The company developed their own software architecture in order to effectively manage all of these different components. These various components are used to the best of their ability in order to maximize performance, power and user experience.

The Symphony Manager allows the Snapdragon 835 to find the right balance in order to deliver the best power and performance for any workload. According to Videocardz, the Snapdragon 835 is also Qualcomm's first 10nm SoC. In fact, this is the first 10nm SoC to be announced by any manufacturing company. For this reason, this mobile processor should be able to perform things that have been impossible before.

The latest Qualcomm flagship, the Snapdragon 835, will most likely be used in most high-performance Android smartphones coming out on the market this year. One of the advantages of Qualcomm is the fact that the company teamed up with Samsung to produce this processor. It is well-known to the industry experts that the South Korean tech giant Samsung has been making giant leaps in terms of more efficient and smaller processors.

Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

With the upcoming Snapdragon 835 mobile processor, Qualcomm is focusing on immersive experiences. Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the mixed reality (MR) that is a blend of the two have finally captured the attention of educators, enterprises, and consumers.

Qualcomm's vision of VR includes natural user interfaces that anticipate user inputs and spatial audio, not only high visual quality. The company's forward-looking vision framework is going to be pursued by adding new elements in the near future. 

User immersive experiences require an orchestration and tight integration of sub-components along with the raw performance of the components in order to deliver the best experience using the lowest power subsystems and lowest latency. Given their lead in heterogeneous computing, Qualcomm is a company in a unique position to achieve these objectives.

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