Supercell Brewing Another Clash Of Clans Event?

Just recently, Clash of Clans developer Supercell introduced the so-called Winter update/event. It brought a lot of changes and, of course, exciting stuff (rewards and bonuses, among others). Apparently, it's about to come to full circle on Jan. 5. But hey, fans need not to worry actually. That's because the studio is reportedly set to release yet another event.

According to iDigitalTimes, the aforementioned Clash of Clans event will be called Dragon. There's yet to be any specifics or official information about it. However, as noted by the publication, it may be similar to the way the company did it with Hog Rider before.

Dragons in Clash of Clans could possibly be offered as some sort of training discount or whatsoever. The only catch, if this is true, is the possibility of it being utilized as a token. That it might be there whenever players are able to complete various special Event Challengers. So, in a sense, gems and XP boosts are expected.

In terms of Hog Rider in the past, Clash of Clans players were given the goal to win at least three multiplayer battles. And this was done by using a total of 10 Hogs within an army. If this is the template for the Dragons, players might just be introduced to such setting.

It's worth noting that in Clash of Clans, the newly designed and tweaked Events' Tab is showcasing the Dragon Event. It has a countdown timer, featuring the number of days/hours left before the aforesaid event arrives. This event will surely be a huge treat to those who main Dragons in Clan Wars or regular raids.

It also remains a mystery as to what type of dragons this forthcoming Clash of Clans event will cover. Obviously, it should include the regular Dragons in the game. As for the baby ones, it's unknown. Or perhaps, Supercell might just include it as well.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Clash of Clans Dragon event? What are your expectations? What do you think will it offer? Let us know at the comment section below!

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