Grey Hair In Dogs Comes From Anxiety

Anxiety can cause many things on people. There are people who have their hair turn gray due to anxiety. The same has been seen in dogs. It is said that grey hair in dogs comes from anxiety.

A new study has found that anxiety can cause dog's hair to turn grey, much like what happens to people. Lead researcher Camille King, who now practices animal behavior in Denver has said that dogs who have a high level of impulsiveness and anxiety show signs of grey hair on their muzzles. King had her doctorate in 2011 at Northern Illinois University's Adult and Higher Education program.

The researchers wen to dog parks and veterinary clinics where they gave a questionnaire to 400 dog owners. They also took photos of the dogs after their owners have answered the questionnaire. In the questionnaire owners were asked about their dog's behavior.

Dog owners have been asked about their dog's level of anxiety. This would include how the dog behaves when left alone and how it is when around groups of people. The owners have also been asked about their dog's impulsiveness. This includes the dog jumping on people or if they are hyperactive.

While dogs might have grey hair due to anxiety, the researchers have discovered that female dogs have a higher tendency towards grey hair, according to Fox News. Size does not seem to factor towards having grey hair, as the study has shown. Other medical issues don't affect dogs having grey hair as well.

Stress can also alter hair color, as Yahoo News reports. This has been found out by other studies. It has been found that stress in alter the color of hair in mice. Stress can also speed up aging in mice.

Anxiety can cause signs of aging in people, and this has been found to be true for dogs as well. Grey hair in dogs comes from anxiety. Another study has shown that there are diets that work for some people.

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