iPhone 5S To Launch In June, Low-Cost iPhone In September

Gene Munster has a pretty good track record when making Apple predictions, and the analyst believes that Apple will debut the iPhone 5S in late June, most likely when Apple also reveals its iOS 7 mobile operating system that runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

When asked what we could expect in the iPhone 5S, Munster said to expect an upgraded camera, faster processor and some new software features that will be tied into the hardware of the iPhone 5S. The analyst did not elaborate on what those features could be. He thinks there's "an outside chance" that the iPhone 5S will ship with NFC (near field communications). Many insiders believe that Apple is working on its own proprietary technology to use in place of NFC.

Munster believes that Apple will finally address the low end smartphone market when it introduces its low-cost iPhone sometime in September.  Apple will be targeting emerging markets with its lower-cost iPhone and will also be targeting all of the low-cost Android smartphones currently on the market.

This could be a big win for Apple, as it has only focused on the high-end smartphone market up until this point. It appears those days will be over soon and Apple wants to get as many iPhones into people's hands as possible.

The analyst believes that Apple will sell the smartphone unlocked for around $250; of course, carriers will knock that price down in order to get you to sign a new two-year contract.

The analyst also believes that Apple could announce its Apple television set in December, followed by the iWatch. An upcoming Apple television launch has been predicted for years, but has never come to fruition. I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.  Of course, as  with all rumors, and especially when they relate to Apple, take this with a giant grain of salt.

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