The Best 6 Android Games Of 2016: It Is Not Too Late To Have It

The Best 6 Android Games Of 2016: It Is Not Too Late To Have It
The year 2016 was a good one for all the Android gamers. Many new games released and until now it still gives a very good impact for all the consumers. Photo : Skylent Shore/YouTube Screenshot

2016 was a good year for all mobile gamers, especially for Android users.The Google Play Store has put together a list of the Best Android Games of 2016 and Pokémon Go, Clash Royale And Candy Crush Jelly Saga win the top awards.

The Best 6 Android Games Of 2016

Below are the 6 of the best mobile games for Android mobiles, starting with the '90s throwback Pokémon Go up to the surprising newcomer: Let us start!

Pokémon Go

The free Android mobile game named Pokémon Go took the title as the ‘most innovative’ game and stayed on the Play Store’s ‘top trending’ games list since it was released in July. It is indeed must belong to the best 6 android games of 2016.

In the year 2016, Pokémon Go managed to quickly become one of the global phenomenon games and actually breaking mobile gaming records. The augmented reality game, which allows users to the players to capture Pokémon characters in the real world with just using their smartphones. It was named as the top trending game on the Google Play Store for the 2016 calendar year.

"Play against other people online! Can you become the longest player?" Tha is the hook of the new Android game Next in line for the best 6 android games of 2016 is this newly presented game.

There's nothing fancy about this game, according to Tech Mic. It is a simple game where the Android user is the player/controller of a worm competing for food against other worms. The other worms who happens to compete for foods are also fellow gamers that are also Andriod users. Yet, the multiplayer game was the top most searched game on Google in 2016 and ranked fourth on Google's Top Trending Games list for 2016.

Clash Royale

The follow-up to Clash of Clans, which is called as the Clash Royale, took the Google Play Store’s ‘Best Game of the Year” title.

From the creators of Clash of Clans, Supercell, comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the royales, your favorite clash characters and much, much more. Clash Royale, is a multiplayer digital card game which was the second most downloaded game in the Google Play Store this year after the Pokémon Go. In here, the players are collecting cards for different spells and characters, and later employing the cards to compete with other players.

Fallout Shelter

This game won the Mobile Game of the Year in 2016 DICE Awards and Winner of the 2015 Golden Joystick Best Handheld or Mobile Game.

Bethesda Softworks LLC, the creator of Fallout 4, released its first mobile game, Fallout Shelter, in 2015 and became a huge success. The assumption of the game is to build a shelter and manage the whole community where the shelter is. In July, the simulation game received an update that introduced quests featuring new characters, enemies, and locations.

Traffic Rider

This game is another masterpiece from the creators of Traffic Racer, Soner Kara, which is considered as one of the top developers of Google.

In Traffic Rider, players are put in the driver's point-of-view of a motorbike. The racing game claims first-person perspective, real motor sound effects, layout detailed riding environments and 26 motorbike design options. The player gain score points based on the speed, the faster the player drive, the more points he/she acquires.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

"There are splendid new Candies, a marvelous new booster and a dreamy treetop world to explore in the Candy Kingdom." Candy Crush Jelly Saga, from King, the maker of Bubble Witch, Pet Rescue, Diamond Digger and many more, is the last on the best 6 android games of 2016 list.

In Candy Crush Jelly Saga, you, as the Android user, will play as Jenny, showing off your moves and take turns switching candies and chocolates against the Jelly Queen. Each move will help you spread more Jelly and whoever spreads the most Jelly will win a specific level. You will also gain chests along the way of the map of the course.

So there you go, the best 6 android games of 2016 based on yours truly. Even though 2017 has already started, it is still not too late to download the said free games. What are you waiting for?


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