Why The New MacBook Pro Isn't Recommended

The tech world has actually spent some good months awaiting the MacBook Pro 2016. This device was so highly-anticipated that it spent quite some time in tech news headlines. Rumors about it surfaced day after day and as a whole, people are quite excited that Apple is finally refreshing its MacBook Pro line. However, when the device actually got released, people's reactions were quite divided into two. There were those who are happy about the new MacBook Pro while there are also those who just see all the wrong things about it. As what it seems right now, it looks like the new MacBook Pro is receiving more criticisms than praises.

MacBook Pro 2016 Criticisms

If there's one big thing that Apple is generally criticized for, it would probably be its premium-priced products. Most of the time, Apple products are justifiably expensive. However, in the case of the MacBook Pro 2016, it's undeniable how much its competitors are more competitive when it comes to price and features. MacBook Pro 2016's most proud asset is its Touch Bar while its base model actually doesn't have it.

If you want the Touch Bar, you're going to have to spend at least $1799 for the 13 inch model or at least $2399 for the 15 inch model. The thing about this is that there are other laptops that doesn't need a Touch Bar for they have touchscreens. Also, most of these competitions are 2 in 1 in style. Meaning, they are convertible to tablets, adding more fun and features to your usual laptop device. Needless to say, the MacBook Pro's price can go up to $4299 as per Tech Radar considering that you get all the topnotch and ultimate configurations.

MacBook Pro 2016 Consumer Reports

As per CNN, Consumer Reports has decided that it will not recommend the new MacBook Pros because of the devices' poor battery life. This issue has already been mentioned many times on social media which makes Consumer Reports' verdict no longer a surprise. It was said that the MacBook Pro's battery life tests were inconsistent which is kind of rare. Nevertheless, none of the devices' scores were sufficiently high to get a Consumer Reports recommendation.

With that said, it's pretty clear why the new MacBook Pro is getting more and more criticisms as time pass by. Hopefully Apple can improve on it next time. Nevertheless, it's still worth mentioning that the new MacBook Pros have topnotch internals. They may just failed to have the competitive price and amazing battery that most of the consumers are looking for in a laptop.

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