The Real Culprit In Galaxy Note 7 Explosions Will Be Revealed Soon

The Real Culprit In Galaxy Note 7 Explosions Will Be Revealed Soon
Samsung is about to share the details as to what exactly caused the explosions in their Note 7 devices. Photo : Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices first started exploding, everything was a mystery. The first incident was blamed on the user's alleged use of a non-Samsung charging device, so this incident was quite blamed on the non-Samsung charger. However, as more and more explosion cases came to surface and as more and more phones explode despite using legit chargers, it became evident that the problem was inside the Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

Originally, Samsung blamed the Note 7 batteries for all the explosion cases. However, when the company first recalled the devices and replaced them with new batteries, the replacement units continued to fire up. Needless to say, this led to Samsung fully taking out the Note 7 from the market.

As of now, people still attribute the explosions to the device's faulty battery. This still makes sense since many of the explosions happened during charging. However, the battery may not be all that needs to be blamed. There's a good chance that the epic failure of the Note 7 was a combination of different factors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mystery Solved

As per Phone Arena, there were talks about Samsung's alleged in-house investigation to find out the real culprit behind the explosions. Needless to say, it was said that the investigation has finally been completed. However, Samsung is yet to do a public announcement to share this valuable information to the consumers who truly deserve their explanation. It was said that the company will do the announcement within this month. This would hopefully act as a closure to what seems to be a never ending novel from an unlikely category.

Samsung To Redeem Its Reputation

As the mystery of the Note 7 finally reaches its ultimate conclusion, everyone expects Samsung to finally have its reputation redeemed from all the negative controversies. Hopefully, whatever the real antagonist in the story is, the consumers can understand the error that the company accidentally made.

However, so far, it looks like Samsung is headed towards the right direction. In fact, the negative connotation towards its name isn't as evident as one might have expected it to be. Actually, even though the Note 7 has been one controversial and dangerous smartphone, a bunch of its users still opted to keep it, leading Samsung to brick these units via an update.

Just this December, news about Samsung's limiting update has surfaced. As per a CNN report, the company was to release an update to limit Europe-based devices charging capacity to 30 percent. If the company had to go this far in begging for Note 7 returns, this says a lot about how people view Samsung's products, and so far, their perception still seems positive.

To add to the positivity, many people are already awaiting the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8, and most of these people are Note 7 fans and owners who were unhappy about the recall. Based on people's statements and rants online, it's safe to say that Samsung really doesn't have a lot to fear when it comes to its reputation. So far, people have been awaiting the company's 2017 releases. Hopefully though, Samsung is able to correct their mistakes and be extra cautious when it comes to quality control.

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