Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 Latest Update: Leaderboard Checkpoints Rumors, PVP; Leaks On Dark Zone Gameplay, PvP Control Points?

Leaked information from a data mine extracted from Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand 1.6 update seem to indicate that the gameplay format is undergoing a review. The leaks showed that there may be text/voice lines that are usually furnished through the Intelligent System Analytic Computer or ISAC.

The Game Developer Worked On This Patch To Deliver A Better Gaming Experience

Massive, the game developer of Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand, worked on the 1.6 patch last month, to provide a better balance to the Dark Zone environment and improve its PvP gameplay. Based on the extracted data, it now appears that they are working on the said text/voice lines. It seems that dialogues like "1 minute remaining," and "50 percent match complete" are included in the data.

Such information could indicate that the ISAC could be used to deliver these text/voice lines. It appears that ISAC is providing elements of the game matches that are time sensitive. These areas of Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand 1.6 update were being discussed by the game developers last month. Future fixes and additional gameplay improvements were being planned then.

The Latest 1.6 Update Provides Tweaks And Enhancements

They teased that Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand 1.6 update will provide the required tweaks and improvements for Dark Zone. The video game's PvP component will also be enhanced further. Players losing control over the characters of the game will also be avoided by the 1.6 update. In addition, this 1.6 patch will allow the controllers to work better.

Another dialogue leak seems to indicate that Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand 1.6 update will probably have a game mode that will affect control points during matches. This seems to indicate that there will be scenarios like "capturing the flag" types that most multiplayer video games have. At any rate, all these speculations will be cleared up soon when the latest patch is released.

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