Diablo 3 News: Video Reveals How The Game Started, Here's What We Know

The video released by Blizzard showed how the team created Diablo and what the team needs to do in order to retell the storyline of Diablo 3. But the players were more interested in what they can experience in the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

New Event Will Be Added On Diablo 3

According to iDigital Times, the video showed an upcoming event called "Darkening of Tristram" will be part of the 20th celebration of Diablo. The players can access the event this month. The event will be able to play the levels once they have completed a series of short quests.

The players can access 16 dungeons from Diablo. Of course, Blizzard made sure that the event will have Diablo 3 features. The developer wants the players to relive the first installment of the franchise while playing the third game.

Blizzzard said that the players should watch out for bosses from the original game such as Butcher that will be present in Diablo 3. Also, the developer created a filter that will show the grainy texture of Diablo. This means that the players will travel back in time without leaving the present game.

Other Features Included In Patch 2.4.3 In Diablo 3

As per VG247, patch 2.4.3 of Diablo 3 will provide new items on Greater Rifts. Also, the players can see major improvements in the game. They can encounter different enemies in Sanctuary that will challenge them and lead them to new portal.

Once the players have defeated the enemies, they can get exciting rewards. Blizzard will also scatter Easter eggs in Diablo 3. The players can use the old eight-direction movement that can be accessed by several RPGs.

Diablo fans are in for a busy month because of the 20th celebration. The players can relive how the game works before and the new players can see how the first installment differs from Diablo 3. Hopefully, Blizzard will earn positive feedbacks from the upcoming update.

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