Fish Oil, Omega 3 Reduce Coronary Heart Disease Risk

A recent Mayo study reveals that fish oil, Omega 3 has a great impact on reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases. EPA and DHA Omega 3 reduces the risk of CHD which covers half of the total cardiovascular deaths in the US.

A randomized control trial (RCT) revealed that there was a 16 percent reduction in people who had high triglycerides and 14 percent for those who had high LDL cholesterol.

"The 6 percent reduced risk among RCTs, coupled with an 18 percent risk reduction in prospective cohort studies - which tend to include more real-life dietary scenarios over longer periods - tell a compelling story about the importance of EPA and DHA omega-3s for cardiovascular health," said Dr. Dominik Alexander.

New Food Magazine reports that Dr. Harry Rice claims that there are critical public health implications linked to reducing CHD and the results of the comprehensive analysis should be a great motivation to make a change.

The results show the importance of increasing fish oil, Omega 3 in one's lifestyle and diet. In this way, adverse risks of CHD occurrence with those who have high levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol can be avoided.

Scientists claim that according to their studies, a person's diet with one gram per day of Omega 3 oil, EPA and DHA can help lower high levels of cholesterol. These three have also been linked to brain health. Studies say that regular intake of proper levels can contribute to the delay of mental decline.

The Express goes on to say that eating fish oil, Omega 3 like those in sardines and mackerel can reduce cholesterol and risk for heart disease to a great extent. However, it is good to stay within the recommended daily intake to make sure no other complications or diseases are developed by the individual.

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