GTA 6 Update: New Terrains And Drones To Be Showcase, Possible New Character?

No disrespect to other video games but GTA 6 is the most anticipated game to be released this year(hopefully). The current success that they are enjoying with GTA 5 is a testament of their work that started years ago.

Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto franchise will go down as one of the greatest games ever created in video games history. Today, fans of the avid game were relieved when the developers of the game provided a preview of the most anticipated game this year. Although the fans have been waiting for this sequel for a couple of years already, they are not worried about the outcome as they know how Rockstar Games do their thing.

GTA 6 Release Date And Title

As of the moment, there are no concrete details yet on when are they going to release this massive sequel. However, they did provide a hint that GTA 6 is almost here. When Rockstar Games announced the release of Red Redemption 2, it is clear to us that their focus will be shifted on their masterpiece which is The Grand Theft Auto Series. Again, Rockstar Games is not fond of rushing any of their games and that is why they are one of the best.

GTA 6: Gameplay, New Terrains, Drones And Female Character?

The release date might not be clear yet but players are still ecstatic about GTA VI. There’s a lot of videos right now on the internet containing gameplays and rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6. As per Reddit user, there will be a big difference between the current game(GTA V) and GTA 6. One of the most sought out updates that will happen in GTA VI will be the new terrains, vehicles and special drones. Lastly, there’s a female character that will be added in the main storyline.

Adding a female character in the last Grand Theft Auto Series was a little bit risky. Rockstar Games was prepared for it. They knew right then and then that they will receive criticism due to the depiction of a female character. However, this didn’t stop the developers as they know that part of having a great game, is making new innovations in it.

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