‘Pokemon GO' Spring Event Update Hints Legendary Pokemon Out Soon

It has been awhile since Niantic Inc. bombarded users with successive new updates for “Pokemon GO”, revealing a lot of new pocket monsters, tweaks, and even various season events. The latest patch was revealed during the Christmas season, which packed a lot of Yuletide surprises. With A new season coming up, fans are eagerly waiting for a new update and it seems like a legendary Pokemon might just be released in spring.

Now, there are speculations that since “Pokemon GO” is predicted to suffer a major loss this year, Niantic Inc. is gearing up to make sure that does not happen or the loss is bearable at least. Fans have been asking for a Chinese New Year update but that has not been confirmed. Fans as well have been asking for the release of legendary pocket monsters since the disappointing reveal of baby Pokemon.

Niantic Inc. will most likely reveal a legendary Pokemon not during any celebrated holidays but at a time where birds chirp the happiest and hopes are renewed—spring, of course. Three legendary bird Pokemon have already been confirmed before to be released within this year. What better time to release it than during spring? With Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos already confirmed to make their ways to “Pokemon GO” this year, fans are expecting that the said spring update will roll out in May this year.

Niantic Inc. has recently been releasing updates, coinciding with the holidays to make worthy event updates that users all over the world can relate to and look forward to. In the Yuletide season, along with other upgrades, the “Pokemon GO” was bestowed with a new look from Pikachu as the said pocket monster donned a Santa Claus hat. Then came the New Year’s celebrations, the developers updated the loading screen of “Pokemon GO” with scenic fireworks, featuring the popular pocket monsters as well as the new baby Pokemon.

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