Cat Food Dilemma: Smucker Recalls Vitamin-Deficient Brands

Popular brand J.M. Smucker Company had recalled popular brands canned Special Kitty, EverPet and 9Lives have been recalled. The cat food dilemma could potentially harm felines.

These brands are being taken off the shelves due to a discovery that the canned food is low on vitamin B1 or thiamine which is essential to a cat's health.

In a news release from the J.M. Smucker, the company's quality control team discovered the issue during their review of production records. The products subject to recall were distributed to a limited number retails stores from December 20 through January 3, 2017.

To date, there are no cases of illnesses caused by the lack of vitamin B1 or thiamine reported. The recall of the product is a precautionary measure in order to prevent pet cats from getting sick.

A diet low on vitamin B1 for several weeks can cause thiamine deficiency, a condition that is harmful to cats. The cat food dilemma can be hazardous to cats' health, according to a report by The News & Observer.

Thiamine is essential to feline health. Cats that are deficient in thiamine may manifest gastrointestinal and neurologic symptoms.

Early signs of the deficiency may include vomiting, salivation, decreased appetite and weight loss in cats. In advanced cases, owners may observe neurologic symptoms.

Ventroflexion or the bending towards the floor of the neck, circling, wobbly walking, falling and seizures may be seen in the advance stages of thiamine deficiency.

It is important that pet owners bring their cats to see a veterinary doctor when these symptoms are seen.

Thiamine deficiency is typically reversible if the condition is detected early and care is administered timely.

Kitty owners should check the canned pet food that they purchased. The complete list can be checked at the Food and Drug Administration site.

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