Elon Musk Contemplates On Tunnel Boring Company

Elon Musk has shown that innovation can be made into a lucrative business. He has Tesla for electric powered vehicles and SpaceX for private space exploration. Now Elon Musk contemplates on a tunnel boring company.

The planned tunnel boring company would be to facilitate vehicles to drive in tunnels. Perhaps traffic can be thanked for this new idea. Musk is said to have been driving through holiday traffic in California. He has become upset about it and then launched a series of tweets. He then got the idea of making a tunnel boring company in order to ease traffic.

Whether the idea would actually push through or not is another thing, though in his tweet Musk has said that he is quite serious about it. To show that he means it, Musk has added tunnels in his Twitter profile along with Tesla and SpaceX as his latest interests.

The idea has some people wondering about it, but Musk has not been one to just leave an idea halfway through, according to Tech Crunch. His tweets might just be out of frustration about holiday traffic, but it could also be an indication of an idea being born. There have been tunnels already been made in the past to ease traffic, or else to facilitate traffic much better.

A number of companies have been identified to have been making tunnels already, as The Motley Fool reports. The companies have been around for some time, which would make Musk's musings to be less innovative than his other ventures. That has not stopped him from going into such ventures, when one notes SpaceX for instance.

Some of the companies have left the tunnel boring industry. One of them is possibly one of the biggest names in the industry, which is Caterpillar. The company has left the industry in 2013 and ending support for machines still in the market.

Innovative business can be risky, but that has not stopped Elon Musk from venturing into them. Elon Musk contemplates on a tunnel boring company. Another innovation has science fiction into reality, as a tractor beam can now be made.

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