High-Level Cholesterol: Young Adults Are Not Taking Statins

In our lifestyle, today, not only old folks are prone to high-level cholesterol. Studies show that ages 20 to 75 are also prone to high-level cholesterol. However, most young adults do not take statins to regulate the elevation of their LDL cholesterol.

A new study was conducted to answer why too few Americans are using statins to regulate bad cholesterol. The study of three million adults found that more than half of younger patients under 40 are getting statins as recommended.

Dr. Carl Reimers a heart specialist stated that the study shows that there is under-usage of statins in young people with high bad cholesterol. Reimers is associate chair of cardiovascular medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He reviewed the new findings but wasn't involved in the research.

Reimers said, younger patients often show signs of heart trouble connected to high-level cholesterol, but are not treated with statins. Patients with high-level cholesterol could prevent cardiovascular events by taking statins.

The new study was led by Dr. David Zidar, of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. Their study notes that statin is recommended to ages 20 and above who have LDL blood cholesterol levels of 190 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or higher.

According to the UPI, Zidar and his team tracked rates of statin prescriptions in people screened for dyslipidemia abnormally high cholesterol. To know if patients are taking statins as they should.

The team examined data from 360 medical center across the country of outpatient and inpatient visits. Of the time-frame of three years, ages 20 to 75. The overall results show that nearly 2.9 million people were included in the study. Four per cent of them nearly 2.9 million people were included in the study.

However, one third of patients with severe high level cholesterol didn't get a statin, Zidar's team reported.

The study also found that one in every four patients with more severe LDL cholesterol level was not given statin to bring those level down.

The younger the patient the seldom statin is prescribed. The study also shows that statin is only given to patients 30 years old and above.

According to the 6 ABC News, doctors say that proper treatment can prevent severe problems and improve rates of survival.

Adults, including young adults are advised to check the level of their LDL cholesterol. And if the numbers show a high level cholesterol, better go to a specialist, maybe it's time to take statins.

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