Barack Obama's Transgender Protection Was Blocked By A Federal Judge

Barack Obama's transgender protection was halted by U.S. District Court Judge Reed O'Connor. He issued a preliminary injunction on New Year's Eve, stopping the Obama administration from denying the right of Catholic institutions to live by their religious belief.

Texas, and other states, along with the Franciscan Alliance, and other religious entities, sued the federal government for violating basic religious rights. O'Connor ruled that the Obama administration's y of regulating discrimination based on "gender identity" cannot be imposed. 

The litigant also desired to force the Catholic institutions to perform, and pay for, abortions.

Franciscan Alliance founded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration joined Christian Medical and Dental Society the nation's largest faith-based organization of doctors as a plaintiff. 

However, the Obama administration did not honor any of their religious-based objections to gender transitions and abortions. 

Barack Obama's Transgender protection sought to force religious organizations to perform an operation whereby a man acquires the body parts of a female, and vice versa. These same organizations also encourage abortion. If the religious organizations decline, they will in effect  shut down. The government will no longer provide federal funds.

Obama's lawyers had to be told by a federal judge that they had no right to dismiss the Administrative Procedure Act. It does not permit attempts to contradict existing law and efforts to exceed statutory authority.

The federal judge also schooled Obama's lawyer about the meaning of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  It is a law making it difficult for government to abrogate religious autarchy.As a counter action which could be described as devious act by the Obama team.

They attempted to put a new twist on Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments: the new regulation, Section 1557. They invoked those provisions to mean that it is discriminatory to deny gender transition operations.

According to the CNS News, although in 1972 sex discrimination simply meant that it was unconstitutional to discriminate against a man or a woman, as determined by their sex at birth. However, it implied nothing about guys changing genitals. 

In a statement provided to BuzzFeed News on Saturday, the agency was "disappointed" by the court's decision, but did not disclose any next steps, statement said by HHS spokesperson Marjorie Connolly.

It is not constitutional to discriminate gender by birth, but there can be no law that protects changes the nature of life. Barack Obama's transgender protection is really against religious beliefs that cannot be justified by the law.

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