You Can Now “Unsend” A Message On Telegram

Editing an already sent message is one thing, "unsending" it is another. Apparently, what seems to be an annoying thing for the receiving end is actually useful enough for messaging apps to include. The most recent messenger app to offer the "unsend" feature is Telegram.

Telegram Allows Users To "Unsend" Their Message

As per Tech Crunch, Telegram now allows users to delete messages after sending them. This action can be done within two days after sending the said message. It's also worth noting that the app must be at its v3.16 version to get this feature.

The said "unsending" feature will work on Telegram's one on one and group messages. It was said that the idea here is to give users the "morning after messaging regret" window so they can somehow get rid of things that they realize they don't actually want to say.

Needless to say, this still doesn't assure everyone that the recipient of the messages won't see your message. What this assures you is that you can remove a message on Telegram even after it has been sent. It's a happy feature especially when the recipient haven't read your message yet.

Nevertheless, once the message has been read and whatever damage it does has been done, these kinds of features can't fix the consequences for you. In times where screen-captures are easily done in a second, this feature doesn't really help in undoing an actual action. It does, however, help users clean up their threads and help them feel better knowing that there is no longer a live evidence that they said what they said.

Messenger Apps Features

It's worth noting that this feature isn't exactly groundbreaking as it is also found in a few other messaging apps as well. However, for Telegram users, this new addition is a pretty big deal. As per Venture Beat, Telegram now also allows users to shorten username URLs and track data usage without leaving the app.

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