DJI Drones Torture Tests: Mavic Pro And Phantom 4 Survive A Surprising Amount Of Abuse

DJI Drones Torture Tests: Mavic Pro And Phantom 4 Survive A Surprising Amount Of Abuse
The Phantom 4 and the Mavic Pro are two of the most durable drones right now. Photo : Sami Luo / YouTube

Drones are just starting to become mainstream gadgets. With that, not everyone is willing to splurge so much on stuff that may or may not be useful to them personally. If people do invest on such high-tech devices, they also want to make sure that they get something that are sturdy enough to last long. No one wants to spend so much for a flimsy item. Luckily for those who opt for DJI drones, these units are some of the sturdiest and most durable drones in the market. In fact, even with the most abusive torture tests, these drones still manage to work well. The Phantom 4 and the Mavic Pro are two great examples of this.

DJI Phantom 4 Durability

As per a test conducted by a Youtuber Sami Luo, the Phantom 4 is able to go through different tortures without losing its ability to perform. It's got its propellers chipped off and it still flies well. It's flown around tree leaves but it doesn't lead to a crash. Instead it chips off the leaves and continue to fly with great balance. Additionally, hanging two bottles of water on the Phantom 4 still doesn't lead the drone to immobility. The drone can actually carry these two bottles and be able to fly normally.

Furthermore, smashing the Phantom 4 with heavy objects while in flight won't lead the drone to a crash. It gets startled a little but it still flies with amazing balance. This drone is one massive and sturdy drone and while this may not be the best option for people looking for compact gadgets, there's no doubt that the Phantom 4 is one super durable drone that's worth every penny.

DJI Mavic Pro Durability

For those looking for a more compact drone, the DJI Mavic Pro is the one drone that can fit your needs. The good thing about the Mavic Pro is that it isn't only an amazing performer, it is also very durable despite its small and foldable body. As per a Digital Trends report, famous torture tester Digital Rev has put the Mavic Pro through a detailed torture test.

As per the said experiment, there's no doubt that the Mavic Pro can survive torture despite its very small structure. It's got stuff thrown at it and it stills flies like a pro. It can get crashed if hit at the right angle but generally, it doesn't break down. In fact, there's a bigger chance that it balances well even with objects thrown at it than actually falling down.

Furthermore, amazingly, the Mavic Pro has also survived the fire test. The drone was put on top of a grill for a few seconds with fire flaming all over it and surprisingly, the drone still works properly after that. Additionally, the drone also lasted a few minutes of rain test before shutting down. Nevertheless, after drying up, the drone works properly once again. With that said, there's no doubt that the Mavic Pro is one of the most amazing and sturdiest drones to ever hit the market.

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