New Mothers Sent Too Early After Childbirth, AMA Says

Over the years, the pressure exerted on new mothers who have just given birth has been high and intense. Women who have just given birth are being forced out of hospitals and sent to their homes at four to seventy two hours after delivery.

Australian Medical Association (AMA) President Dr. Michael Gannon emphasizes the importance of hospitals having protocols that are not at all argumentative against sensible discharge times.

 "Not only have they had a long pregnancy and the ordeal of labour, but we are then sending them home to look after their baby, we need a bit more compassion and care in looking after women who have given birth to babies," Gannon continues.

The Guardian reports that there are existing protocols that lets healthy women with uncomplicated vaginal births go home six hours post-delivery. Those with uncomplicated C-section procedures can go home after 72 hours.

While these procedures are good for some women, there are still those who belong to a vulnerable group or those who are experiencing adverse obstetric outcomes that needs more time to heal in the hospital.

Gannon states that it is a common for women to live in different cities and states which may mean living away from family and their support system. This increases the demand of ensuring and supporting new mothers as they get used to breastfeeding as well as a great time to diagnose postnatal depression early.

As per The Daily Mail, a representative of Western Australia's Health Department did not show agreement to Gannon's claims because according to them, clinical circumstances may let the mother and the baby remain in the hospital until they are ready for discharge.

New mothers will also be given continued care from the Visiting Midwifery Service for up to 5 days after birth. However, Gannon states that only eight percent of women have access to the continuity of care model which still makes the need for change necessary.

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