Mother Claimed Cancer Council Australia's Peppa Pig Lotion Gave Her Baby 'Horrible' Rashes

A mother claimed that her three-month-old baby was hospitalized for three days after suffering from severe burns and rashes caused by a sunscreen.   The case is being looked into, but there are no announcements for a recall on the product. 

According to Daily Mail, Jessie Swan from Queensland applied Cancer Council's Peppa Pig sunscreen on his baby, Thomas, when he was playing outdoors.  A chemical reaction from the kid's lotion caused her baby to be hospitalized, Swan said. 

Peppa Pig Sunscreen Caused A Chemical Reaction On The Baby Causing Him To Be Hospitalized

Swan shared photographs of her son on the non-profit organisation's Facebook page in an effort to warn other parents.   She said that they have been in hospital for 3 days 2 nights to "treat this horrible rash/burn caused by your 50+ Peppa pig sunscreen."  She also said that she chose to post images of her son to warn others about the possible effects of the product. 

Cancer Council Australia responded to the post and said the baby's experience with their product is "upsetting" and that they are going to look into the matter further. 

Beauty Queen Used The Same Product And Claimed To Have Suffered Second Degree Burns

Swan is actually not alone, Yahoo News reported.  Sydney beauty queen, Kim Cancellier, mother of two, said that she suffered first and second degree burns after using the same Peppa Pig sunscreen.  "Instead of acting as a sunscreen and protecting me from the suns rays it had an opposite effect and turned me BRIGHT red, completely and utterly burnt," Cancellier said in her Facebook post.

Cancer Council of Australia reached out to both women, already.  They also issued a statement on their Facebook page.   The organization said that the products they released to the market is "approved by the TGA and meets very strict regulatory and quality standards."

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