'Pokemon Go' App Was A 'Cultural Phenomenon' According To Apple

Pokemon Go became one of the most incredible sensations we saw in 2016, give the fact that having the possibility of being played in mobile devices, this game was such an outstanding application that the most important brands had to get it in order to increase its popularity. Of course, this was exactly what happened with the iPhones, to the point in which Apple app store sales up to 40 percent and the Cupertino company defined Pokemon Go as a "cultural phenomenon" that everyone enjoyed last year.

Pokemon Go And Super Mario Run Were Apple´s Main Allies

According to The Inquirer, Pokemon Go helped Apple´s app store to generate record revenues of almost $30 billion last year, which clearly showcased the greatness, popularity and success of this incredible game. However, the most incredible fact about this situation is that Pokemon Go helped to increase Apple´s revenue of 2015, creating a relationship that even when everyone knew that it would be successful, no one expected that it could be this big.

Nevertheless, even when Pokemon Go was Apple´s best friend last year, Super Mario Run was also extremely helpful in Apple app's sore growth, given the fact that this Nintendo´s classic game also ended one the top 10 of the iOS app downloaded last year -even when it was released two weeks before the end of the year-, and the most downloaded in Christmas and in New Year´s Day, to the point in which the Cupertino company had a huge $240 million in revenue that day, and $3 billion just in December.

Apple Wants Its App Store To Grow Its Power This Year

As reported by Business Insider, even when all of these achievements seems difficult to excel this year, Apple explained that 2017 will be a period in which its app store business will be stronger than ever and will make the users had a great time. In a moment in which everyone believed that Apple´s main focus would be on the iPhone 8 or the new iMacs, the app store is now one of the greatest fields of the Cupertino giant, thanks to Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go.

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