Battlefield 4 Trailer And Screens Leak

Screens and a trailer of the upcoming Battlefield 4 have leaked online.

The screenshots were found through a public directory on the Battlefield blog, which seems to validate the watermarks you see on the pictures. The pictures have now been removed from the blog. The 360p trailer appeared on YouTube.

The trailer indicates that a 17-minute gameplay video will be put up on the Battlefield website. That has since proved to be true. It looks like the trailer features mostly singleplayer content, based on the character emphasis, staged sequences such as an underwater clip, indoor shooting, a large number of voice-overs and cinematic first-person sequences.

EA announced Battlefield 4 back in July, indicating a launch in fall 2013. The game will be set in modern times and will be available on current systems and PC. It will also likely appear on next-gen systems. EA has not at this time announced a Wii U version. Pre-orders are available on Amazon.

According to Game Informer, EA should officially announce Battlefield 4 at GDC in San Francisco. The event began on Tuesday March 26 at 7 p.m. PT, so news about the game should begin surfacing online around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

"We are so humbled and proud to debut Battlefield 4 on a global stage with simultaneous events in San Francisco and Stockholm. To be this early in development, and to already be so polished is a huge achievement for the DICE team and reflection of their passion and commitment to driving the franchise forward. Today's demo was just the beginning — we have so much more in store," said executive vice president EA Games Label Patrick Soderlund.

"It is thrilling to witness peoples' reaction when seeing the game for the first time," he continued. "It really makes you realize that we are at the beginning of a whole new era for gaming. As artists and craftspeople, we are focused on creating a dynamic, open design that brings people together with amazing, surprising and unscripted moments that they'll talk about for days. That's the beauty of Battlefield."

Check out the leaked screens and trailer below:

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