Cancer Death Rates Have Shown Steady Decline

Cancer is a deadly disease that has been feared by many. In recent years though there have been much medical breakthroughs as well as cancer awareness. Now cancer death rates have shown a steady decline.

Cancer awareness has been much effective over the years. This has been shown by a steady decline in cancer death rates. That, along with better medical research, has helped much in reducing death related to cancer.

From 1991 until 2014 the cancer death rate has been on a steady decline. A 25 percent drop in cancer deaths has been reported in that period. That has translated to around 2.1 million fewer deaths that have been related to cancer.

The recent statistic on cancer deaths has come from the Cancer Statistics 2017. This has been issued by the American Cancer Society. It is the annual report done for cancer incidence as well as mortality and survival. The report has shown that cancer incidence for men and women have been roughly equal, with a decline of two percent per year. Cancer death for both has also declined, with an average of 1.5 percent decrease per year.

Cancer death rates have been at its highest in 1991, averaging at 215.1 per 100,000. By 2014 that has dropped to 161.2 per 100,000. The drop has been attributed to cancer awareness and reduction to cancer contributing activities such as smoking. Early detection and treatment have also been credited for its reduction, according to the American Cancer Society's site.

Lung cancer continues to be the deadliest among cancer incidences. One out of four cancer incidence is due to lung cancer. Among men, lung cancer along with prostate colorectal cancer has been reported. For women, lung cancer together with breast and colorectal cancer has been common, as Science Daily reports.

Cancer is a deadly disease, but with medical advancement it has become much easier to manage. A healthy lifestyle as well as early detection could greatly improve the chances of survival for many cancer patients. It has been seen that cancer death rates have shown steady decline. Medical specialists have also advised to treat anxiety before it becomes a disorder.

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